We provide services for M&E projects, building operations, and data centres.

Card Access System

Distributor of card access systems. Offered in different specifications. System components include reader access control unit, wireless lock interface, contactless smartcard readers and credentials, wireless receivers and RF transmitters.

include design, installation, training, service, inspection, repairing, CAD engineering services, testing and maintenance. Used to control and monitor entry points include doors, elevator floors, parking gates and garage doors. 24 x 7 emergency services are available.

Parking access revenue, 2-door base, visitor management and web-hosted access control, visitor management and employee identification systems are available.

Finger Print Access System

RB Tech is here to help you out with our fingerprint access installation service.Our installers not only install the same at the entry point of your building but also guide you into how you can customise the device, add and delete entries and maintain it efficiently.

Moreover, rest assured that our technicians will install the device accurately since they have years of experience in installing security systems in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Finger Print devices are the modern tools that can keep your building safe from unauthorized entry. But since there are many devices each having different features, choosing the right one for your building can get a little bit confusing. So, besides providing the installation service,

Face Detection access system

RB Tech offers a comprehensive service that combines facial recognition solutions with an access control system. We only select equipment that delivers optimal performance. You can rest assured that our approach guarantees a heightened level of security, safeguarding your premises with cutting-edge technology.

The built-in body temperature sensor ensures that any person with a fever is prevented from signing in, and nominated staff are automatically notified immediately. These automated alerts ensure appropriate steps can be taken to maintain the health and wellbeing of all people on your premises.

All employees get their own LoopLearn web console to easily configure the LoopLearn system and see real-time attendance information and sign-in logs.