Cable Laying

Welcome to RB Group's, We deliver high-quality results through skilled professionals who perform installation, testing, and commissioning in accordance with industry standards and client requirements.

Cable laying, also known as underground cable laying, is a crucial process in establishing a functional network for power transmission or signal communication.

Our cable laying services encompass a range of activities, including cable installation, pulling, trenching, routing, protection, termination, testing, and commissioning.

Direct Laying

With direct laying, our expert team excavates a trench to the required depth and width for the power cables. A sand bed is prepared at the bottom of the trench to ensure stability and moisture control. The cables are then carefully positioned within the trench and covered with sand or other suitable materials for protection.

This method is ideal for areas where ground conditions allow for direct burial without the need for additional ducts or conduits. It offers a cost-effective solution with minimal installation requirements.

Draw-in System

Welcome to RB Group's, Our draw-in system involves the use of duct pipes or conduits for cable routing and enhanced protection. We install durable ducts made from materials such as PVC, HDPE, or metal underground. These ducts are laid in trenches or tunnels, providing a secure pathway for the cables.

With the use of specialized equipment like winches or cable pulling machines, we smoothly draw the cables into the ducts. This method offers additional protection to the cables and enables easier maintenance or future cable replacements, as the cables can be easily drawn out and new ones inserted.