Civil and Structural Work

Civil & structural engineering are disciplines that involve the analysis, construction, and design of infrastructure projects. Structural engineering deals with the reinforcement of loads in construction to ensure the safe development of both proposed and existing structures.

In RB Tech Consultancy Singapore, our civil and structural engineering consultants offer top-quality engineering consultation and services that are in line with the industry standards and practices. From design to site supervision, we assure smooth and efficient project coordination and ensure the realisation of your goals.

Land and Tunnel Survey Work

Before commencing any construction project in marine or coastal areas, it's essential to conduct a hydrographic survey to assess the seabed conditions, water depths, and potential obstacles such as rocks, reefs, or wrecks. This data helps planners and engineers understand the challenges they may face during construction and plan accordingly.

Geodetic surveys are used to establish precise control points across construction sites. These points serve as benchmarks for measurements and ensure that subsequent surveying activities are accurately referenced to a common coordinate system.

Topographic surveys are integral to construction projects in Singapore, aiding in the planning, design, and execution phases.

Machinery and Equipment Rental

Construction equipment rental is in high demand due to the city-state's continuous infrastructure development and urbanization. Equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, concrete mixers, compactors, and scaffolding are commonly rented by construction companies for various projects.

Warehousing and logistics companies often rent material handling equipment such as forklifts, pallet jacks, reach trucks, and stackers to handle goods efficiently within warehouses, distribution centers, and ports.

Water Proofing Work

We have found one of the most common complaints from home owners with a leaking balcony is it is hard to find the correct advice to fix the water ingress issue. Plus the costs involved with removing and replacing tiles can be heartbreaking.

Using our revolutionary Glass Deck waterproofing membrane system we can waterproof directly over the tiles. Once the membrane is installed we add a uniquely formulated recycled glass, which is a UV stable and non-slip hardened coating. With six colours to choose from, the coating looks ascetically pleasing to any home.