Arresting of Water Leaking

We understand the importance of building rectification and remedial waterproofing and the impact it can have on the longevity and value of any given building. It is for this reason we offer a wide range of remedial services designed to meet your specific budget and project needs whilst not compromising on quality and workmanship.

We also provide a wide range of consultancy services for our clients ranging from Leak Investigation and Detection Reports, Scopes of Works, and Dilapidation Reports.

We are able to respond to complex remedial projects and offer our clients with high quality remedial repairs and waterproofing systems.

Deck waterproofing

We have found one of the most common complaints from home owners with a leaking balcony is it is hard to find the correct advice to fix the water ingress issue. Plus the costs involved with removing and replacing tiles can be heartbreaking.

Using our revolutionary Glass Deck waterproofing membrane system we can waterproof directly over the tiles. Once the membrane is installed we add a uniquely formulated recycled glass, which is a UV stable and non-slip hardened coating. With six colours to choose from, the coating looks ascetically pleasing to any home.